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We support children's intensive care to help critically ill children & parents


Update 24th March 2013

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting our page, in memory of our lovely Grace, who would have been celebrating her 7th Birthday today.  If you are not familiar with Grace's story, scroll down to read the many updates.

We have now surpassed £100,000 raised in memory of Grace, to support the many children and their families still dealing with critical illness, at the PICU in St Mary's Hospital, London.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,

Stuart, Natalie, Oliver, Daniel and Toby X X  x x x x


Update 4th April 2012

Grace would have been 6 years old now and although the fundraising events are less frequent, people still continue to donate to COSMIC in her memory. Uncle Mike's firm BCS Consulting, have made COSMIC their chosen charity this year so with events such as London to Paris Bike Ride coming up once again, we expect that the magic total figure of £100,000 could soon be achieved. In addition, the Reading Half Marathoners continue to perform on COSMIC's behalf and we are so grateful to them and everyone else who have donated and in many cases continue to support this great cause.

Time moves on, we now have 3 sons - Oliver, Daniel and Toby and of course, Grace will forever be their sister even though Daniel and Toby were not part of those 13 months that she was with us.

She will always be major part of our lives.

Once again, thank you, everyone for your kindness.

Please feel free to read through the entries below if you are not familiar with Grace's story.

With love, Stuart, Natalie, Oliver, Daniel and Toby. xxxxx





Update 1st January 2011

Although the fundraising events are less frequent, people still continue to donate to COSMIC in Grace's memory, and we have now raised over £90,000.

Thank you, everyone.

Please feel free to read through the entries below if you are not familiar with Grace's story.

We wish you all a very happy 2011,

With love, Stuart, Natalie, Oliver and Daniel. xxxx


Update 21st March 2010

Sara (a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear) completed the Reading Half Marathon in 2 hrs, 15 mins and 48 seconds...

Well done, Sara!

Many thanks to you all for your kind donations to support Sara,

Lots of love

Nat, Stu, Ollie and Danny



Update 11th March 2010

Thanks for visiting our web page.

In 10 days time Sara Nash will be running the Reading Half Marathon in aid of COSMIC for the second year running.

She will be doing this in memory of our daughter Grace who died nearly three years ago.  Please read below to find out about Grace's illness.  Grace was cared for at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, and since her death we have endeavoured to raise money for the unit, both to thank them for their efforts for Grace, and to help other sick children at the Unit.

Please give generously to support Sara in her Marathon run!

Good Luck Sara!  Thank you so much - you are wonderful!

With much love and gratitude,

Stuart, Natalie, Oliver and Daniel   xxxx


We have now raised over £90,000 for COSMIC in Grace's memory.  Amazing!


Update 31st December 2008

Money raised for COSMIC in Grace's memory has now reached an astounding £72,000.

We would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2009.

Long May The Fundraising Continue!

With love, Nat, Stu and Ollie xxx


Update 24th September 2008

Today is Ollie's 5th Birthday.  Today is also 17 months since Grace died, and she would have been exactly two and a half years old today, the exact age that Ollie was the day his little sister was born.

The total raised in Grace's memory to date stands at over £66,000.  We remain indebted to everyone who has helped us get this far.  Thank you all so very much.

Grace will forever be our inspiration.  Her absence is painfully clear in everything we do.


Update 19th September 2008

We would like to say a huge thanks to the Accenture Make a Difference Committee for accepting a charity application put forward by Grace's Uncle Mike.  Accenture have agreed to award £9,785.00 to COSMIC to pay for 2 Nippy Junior Ventilators, which will be used in the St Mary's Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU).

These 2 ventilators are portable, so will increase the quality of life for children who spend a very long time in hospital on a ventilator.  They can also be used by patients at home, allowing an earlier discharge from hospital for some children.

We are delighted that these ventilators will be purchased in Grace's name.  Thank you, Mike, for making this application to Accenture.

With love

Natalie and Stuart


Update 9th August 2008

Today, Sarah, Susy and I completed the London Sprint Triathlon!

We have so far raised £5,676.17, with more funds still to be collected...

Thank you Sarah and Susy - you are both complete stars!

Natalie and Stuart         


Update 13th July 2008

Today we joined the Annual COSMIC Walk in Hyde Park.  16 Members of "Team Amazing Grace" walked the 5k route, with Grace's picture on our T-shirts.

The number of walkers reached the maximum capacity of 500 this year.

There were several groups like us, walking in memory of their child; as well as many families present with their now healthy children, thanks to the fantastic care that they had received at St Mary's PICU.


Update 22nd June 2008

Well done Kerry on running a 10k today in aid of COSMIC.  We know you did this with Gracie very much in your heart.

Thank you for raising £247.31 in memory of our Madame Butterfly,

With love

Natalie and Stuart       


Update 14th June 2008

Thanks to Amanda and Michaela, Mum and Dad, and many others who gave up their time today to run a COSMIC stall at the Woodley Carnival, raising £297.40.

This wouldn't have happened without you.  Thanks for putting in all the hard work while we were in Paris!

Natalie and Stuart


Update 14th June 2008

Many thanks to Ralph Spencer who (almost) completed the 3 Peaks Challenge today.  Tantalisingly close to the finish line, in his capacity as Team Leader, Ralph accompanied one injured team mate who was air-lifted off the mountain!! 

Thank you Ralph, for your fantastic achievement in memory of our little Grace, and we are delighted that you bagged a helicopter ride as reward for your efforts!


With much love and many thanks for the £338.46 that you raised for COSMIC.

Natalie and Stuart     


Update 14th June 2008

The 5-strong Cycling "Team Amazing Grace", arrived in Paris today, having cycled 305 miles in 4 days.  Well done Chaps.  We are so very proud of you!

Grace's Dad Stuart, her Uncle Michael, her Grandad Noonee, and our friends Matt Wain and Jim Cadman raised £8,799.80.

Congratulations and Many Thanks

Natalie and Stuart   


Update 18th May 2008

Today, "Team Amazing Grace", consisting of 18 runners, completed the Woodley 10k Road Race.

The team raised £6,136.98.  What a fantastic achievement!

With heartfelt thanks

Natalie and Stuart     


Update 24th April 2008

Today is the first anniversary of Grace's death.  Over the last year, Grace has been our inspiration.  Humbled by her brave fight, we have aimed to deal with her death in a positive way, by fundraising.  We could not have done this without the amazing, and ongoing support that we have received from our many friends and family.  We would like everyone to know that your support has given us hope, and a channel for our grief.  Thank you all so very much.

During Grace's time at St Mary's, it was clear to the medical team that her immune system was not functioning properly.  Research was initiated to find out as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and this led to some innovative treatments for Grace.  However, without her little body being able to repair itself, the support provided by Intensive Care would not be able to save her.

The research has continued since Grace's death.  We are fortunate to have been cared for by Prof. Levin and his team at Imperial College, who were able to discover that Grace was missing a large chunk of Chromosome 7, which includes a gene that is an essential component of the viral-detection pathway.  Without this gene, Grace's immune system was unable to fight viruses like Chicken Pox.

Outwardly, we could never have known that Grace's immune system was so severely impaired.  It was only through becoming so ill that we would ever have discovered this fault in her genetic makeup.

However, it is a comfort to know that Grace's case will allow the Medical Profession to discover more about the workings of the human immune system; and that her death has meant that many other sick children will benefit from the funds that have been raised in her memory...

The total amount raised to date now stands at £43,000...

...How remarkable!  Grace would have been delighted to know that her life and death has touched so many.  She would be smiling, as always!

Thank you,  Natalie, Stuart and Ollie xxx


Update 24th March 2008

24th March 2008 would have been Grace's second birthday.  It is 11 months today since Grace died, and a year since she was first admitted to hospital.

To mark this occassion, Emma Caswell jumped out of a plane today, at 13,000 feet, and raised £1,100 for COSMIC.  Thank you, Emma - you are one brave lady!



Update 2nd March 2008

    We would like to extend our congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Bradley Stent, who ran the Reading Half Marathon today in 2 hrs 10 mins and 14 seconds!       Well done, Brad!


Update 7th January 2008

We would like to thank everyone for the donations made during 2007.  The total amount raised up to 31st December stands at just over £33,000.  Thank you all so very much.  This money will make a tangible difference to the lives of many children and their families.

During 2008 we will raise money with the following planned activities:

2nd Mar:   Bradley Stent running the Reading Half Marathon.

24th Mar:       Emma Caswell's Tandem 13,000ft Parachute Jump.             

18th May: Natalie and a team of 19 others running the Woodley 10k.

11th to 15th June:  Stuart, Mike, Clive, Matt W and Jim C, with 4 other COSMIC supporters, cycling from London to Paris.,,

16th June:  Ralph Spencer tackles the 3 Peak Challenge.

20th June:  Kerry Borchardt Runs 10k.

9th Aug: Natalie, Susy Peycke and Sarah Spencer undertaking the London Sprint Triathlon.

A big thanks to all those who purchased COSMIC Christmas Cards, so increasing the fund while also raising the profile of the charity.  Thanks also to those who made a donation at Christmas instead of sending cards.  Great for the charity and the environment!

Please remember to tell your friends about this hugely deserving charity and about our darling Grace.    Thank you, Stuart, Natalie and Oliver.   xxx


Update 24th October

It is 6 months today since Grace died. It doesn't get easier especially for Stuart, Natalie and Oliver. Oliver is 4 now and as he gets older he will try to understand but at the moment he is still so young and it must be all so very confusing for him.

Donations continue to come in - I have now extended the closing date for this website as I believe it will continue for a long time. I am personally very grateful to my work colleagues who are contributing to my retirement gift by donating to COSMIC. I can't think of anything more worthwhile.

The fundraising continues. Stuart and Mike will be trying to keep up with me as we take part in the London to Paris Bike Ride next June and Natalie is going one better by entering the London Tri-athlon in the summer. Her training is underway - well... she has bought a bike and swimsuit!

Thank you all once again for your generosity and kind wishes.

Clive (Grandad Noonee)


Update 10th August

Back to a photo of Grace!

With all the websites put together, we have now exceeded £30,000, so we would like to say a further Big Thank You to everyone for the donations.  Please help us to take this higher, by letting all your friends know about this hugely deserving charity. 

Watch out for the COSMIC Women's Hydro Challenge run around Hyde Park on 16th September:  visit


Update 5th August

Please excuse me changing the picture for a short while- but we are all so proud of Uncle Mike's London Tri-athlon success. Not only is it the first time he has tried anything like this but he did better than expected and you will see on his website that he has raised over £6,500 for COSMIC. Well done Mike and thanks to all who turned up to watch him and for those who gave so generously. There is still time to congratulate him through a donation on his site, where no doubt he will soon publish his race details.


Update 30th July

A great day was had by all at the Hyde Park walk despite young Oliver tripping over at the start. However, patched up with a plaster and the promise of an ice cream he was soon off and away, and did well, as did everyone else. Through his Grandma's fundraising efforts on his behalf he raised well over £500. He then went on to win two lovely prizes in the raffle - then I suppose he was bound to be a winner with 17 people in Grace's group all buying tickets. Thank you to everyone who took part and raised a huge amount of money, much of which has still to be added to the total on this website. Also of course, a great big thank you to the organisers and helpers from COSMIC and the hospital for making it such a great day.

Stuart and Natalie are pleased that it has been agreed that £20,000 of all the money raised overall so far in Grace's memory will be used to pay for the last third of a vital piece of equipment for the new Paediatric Research Unit which is currently being set up at St Mary's and is due to open in October 2007. The equipment will be used to monitor brain activity and breathing during sleep.  This will be used to identify and treat infants and children with sleep apnoea (where the airway is blocked and breathing stops during sleep). Sleep apnoea can cause a number of health problems and premature death. I am sure everyone will agree that this will be money very well spent.


Update 18th June

How wonderful people have been!

Donations continue to come in from across the globe. We are very grateful to every single person who has donated, sent a message or made personal contact. Among all of these, special thanks must go to Stuart’s employer in Reading, nortons. Their drive and motivation towards increasing the fund has been outstanding. As well as many direct contributions, their staff have also been busy helping in other ways…

…On Saturday 16th June, they took part in a Dragon Boat challenge in Pangbourne, sporting T-shirts displaying Grace’s photo and the COSMIC logo. They battled through the mighty waters of the Thames, until their valiant efforts to reach the Final were thwarted in a race against the boat powered by the local under-5s nursery! (who were also, very kindly, raising money for COSMIC). Spectators responded to their efforts by throwing their spare change into the COSMIC collection tins on the riverbank.

We are all looking forward to the Hyde Park walk in July. Grace’s big brother Oliver, who is 3 years old, will be taking part, and his sponsor sheets are already filling up.

Mike is training really hard for his triathlon in August and needs as much support as he can get.

Above all, this is about helping desperately sick children, now and in the future. With your help we have made a great start, and we will continue in our campaign to raise awareness of the great work of the St Marys PICU. We want to raise a significant amount to help Grace’s Smile live on in all of our hearts forever.

Thank you


Update 3rd June

Time moves us on but the memory of Grace will last forever. The hurt will not heal but Stuart, Natalie and little Oliver are having to adjust to life without her. The donations and kind messages received in this and Uncle Mike's Triathlon site have gone some way to helping them cope in these early weeks. If we total up the donations on this and Mike's site including offline donations and gift aid we are now over £17,000. Wouldn't it be great if we could make it £20,000. I know most of you checking out this site will have already generously donated but if you could pass on the word to friends, relatives, colleagues etc we might just make that target. Whatever the final sum we are so very grateful to everyone for their generosity and also the lovely messages which mean so much. Thank you all.


Update May 12th

Yesterday was Grace's funeral. Over 200 people attended the Church service and most also came along to the reception afterwards. Stuart and Natalie are extremely grateful to all who came and also for the messages from those who couldn't make it. They  would like to thank their neighbours and members of St John's Church for providing the arrangements including the excellent refreshments and photo layout at the Emmanuel Hall. Also special thanks to Jason the curate and his helpers at the Church for the service and to Colin and his team at the funeral directors. I am sure that everybody who was there yesterday was touched by Grace's brother, Oliver's presence and the way he brought us smiles within this very sad occasion.The fantastic response in donations to this and also Uncle Mike's web page demonstrates what this tragedy means to so many people both in this country and abroad. The messages have been a great comfort to Stuart and Natalie and have helped them through this difficult time.

Thank you so much to everyone. 


When her chicken pox became severe Grace was admitted into the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. This was on her first birthday. Her condition worsened in the week and she was transferred by emergency ambulance to St Mary's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). With the professional and dedicated care of the medical team and the love and support of her family, Grace fought for life for over three weeks. She finally lost her battle and died at the unit on 24th April 2007. It is not clear why her immune system could not stop the virus, but it is a comfort to know that the many blood tests and research instigated through the PICU may help children in the future. Your kind donation will help the unit to continue to provide the highest level of care and support to children and their families.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to donate: Cosmic (Children Of St Mary's Intensive Care) will receive your money electronically and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in Gift Aid will be added to your donation at no cost to you. Many thanks for your support.

To have a look at the work of Cosmic, click here

Other websites set up in Grace's memory are:

About the charity


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COSMIC supports children’s and neonatal intensive care units at St Mary’s and Queen Charlotte’s Hospitals London, helping frontline intensive care staff deliver vital critical care, and supporting families with children on the units. We also support research initiatives to improve intensive care.

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