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Blue Sky Over Massachusetts

The Blue Sky Over MA Challenge is to capture more carbon with lawns. An innovation prize for collaborative action will be awarded to Massachusetts communities.
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Our waterways are in trouble with more dead zones due to nitrogen pollution from excess fertilizer use. Overhead we are being smothered by excess carbon in the atmosphere. Stopping the spread of quick-release fertilizer lets the grass grow and capture more carbon. Stopping the spread of quick-release fertilizer removes the need for herbicides and pesticides because healthier grass is more resilient and fills in denser. Stopping the use of these chemicals enables soil microbes to flourish resulting in healthier soils. There are alternatives to quick-release, fast-acting, and water soluble nitrogen (WSN) fertilizers.

Slow the Carbon Crisis with healthy soils and lawns capturing significantly more carbon.

Simply stopping the use of glyphosate, the active herbicide ingredient in RoundUp, will increase the carbon captured by fungal mycorrhizae during the growing season by a third. For weed control, mix a gallon of white vinegar, a cup of salt, and a tablespoon of dish soap. Put in a squirt bottle and cover leaf surfaces of unwanted vegetation.

Benefits of not fertilizing established lawns include:

No algal blooms when lawns no longer pollute

Greener and healthier grass

Healthier soil microbes

More carbon capture by fungi

Spongy lawn protecting your home from extreme weather events

Improved water quality in waterways

Fewer town beach closures

Blue water (get the green out of Monponsett Pond)

Improved groundwater

Save money

No more fish kills

No ocean dead zones when people stop polluting

Help us blue the skies over Massachusetts by capturing more carbon out of the atmosphere with healthier lawns and soils.

Your support benefits the Ocean River Institute including our ability to pay interns and work with community groups changing lawn care practices for the better.



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Charity Registration No: 208273235


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Blue Sky Over Massachusetts

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