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Luisa & Sam for Outreach Moldova

Luisa & Sam are raising money!! for Outreach Moldova (ORM) because these children need our help & your help to surive

53 %
raised of £250,000 target
by 14,093 supporters

Outreach Moldova (ORM)

We run programmes for special need children to improve life in institutions in Moldova

Charity Registration No. CHY14229


We have been to visit the children at the Outreach Moldova orphanage and to say it has been a life changing experience is a huge understatement. We have been touched forever by these children and our lives will never be the same. 

Outreach Moldova care for vulnerable babies, children, teens and into adulthood and provide 24hr care to the people that need it most & cannot care for themselves. The majority of the children have mild to severe learning difficulties and / or physical disabilities meaning they  require constant care and attention. Not only medically but also from a day to day human basis with regards to nannies who look after their daily needs. This can be from bathing them, brushing their hair, their teeth to taking them to physio & other medical appointments. As well as a school within the grounds of the orphanage. 

We currently need 67 new wheelchairs for the children not able to walk and are desperately in need of raising money for daily 24hr carers who are basically mums to these very vulnerable children. 

Luisa has been involved with Outreach Moldova for the past 6 years and has done various fundraising events and privately been donating money to the charity. As a direct result of this the baby orphanage has been refurbished, the 4+ orphanage has been refurbished and we have a living in the community project which has seen 24 of the girls from the orphanage now living within villages and having jobs within the community. 

Please watch this video for the then and now to see how the orphanage has changed.

For years Sam has been asking to come to Moldova and now Paul & Rosie are a little bit bigger it was the perfect time. Since coming to Moldova Sam is fully committed to raising money to continue the vital care these children need to survive. 

There are currently nearly 300 children in the orphanage and their survival depends on us and you donating and raising money for them.

Its so hard to choose what charity to support out of the tons that are out there, but the reason why we are working with Outreach Moldova is because we have full financial control and know that EVERY PENNY you donate goes to the children. There are no big salaries or unnecessary costs and every penny really does count. 

THANK YOU for supporting the children & us by donating and watch this space for events & fundraising in the future. 

I’ve asked Dr Suzie O’Connell who runs the orphanage to summarise what your donations mean for ORM she sent the following::: 

What do your donations do for ORM? literally change their world, not “the world” but their world. 

A careful pair of hands to get them through their day safely. A well orchestrated set of skills that make the difference for feeding, getting something to drink, getting to the bathroom having dignity and respect shown 

An observant and trained medical doctor who can pick up a change in a child who is unable to communicate and provide appropriate care

A smile, encouragement, motivation  to allow them to know they are NOT alone. A hand to hold when words just aren’t enough. 

Physios to position those who can’t move, remove blockages from the chest of cystic fibrosis patient and work the little limbs that are determined to move if only they had an opportunity

A nurse to make sure their medications are given to prevent seizures, infections, wound dressings

A teacher to tell them just how incredible their efforts are in language/mathematics/arts/crafts and guide their potential

A hand to hold when it’s just getting too much

A car to get them to hospital

A dentist who understands it might take 50 attempts to get into the chair but have enough patience to try 

A cardiologist who holds their fragile hearts safely, a neurologist who knows when to intervene 

A speech therapist who knows how to help you find your voice 

A positive environment until an alternative one can be found”

Please support us ❤️❤️

Lots of Love always, 

Luisa & Sam